About Me

Tiffany Normandin


Cooking is one of those things that I absolutely LOVE doing! From searching for new recipes to browsing the isles as Trader Joes, It lets the creative side of me out! I find it very relaxing and its a double bonus that once prepared, I get to enjoy the meals I cook with my family. One of Nicholas & I’s goals for 2014 is to learn and practice new skills. We want to both have more to “offer” to others in all aspects of our lives; personal, family, business & friendships. I have always thought about the idea of “blogging” to share my love of the kitchen, so now’s the time!

About Me:

Author of Push Pull Eat/ Owner of Push Pull Training/Affiliate Manager & CrossFit Coach at CrossFit EXP

B.S. Business Management, 2008

I was always involved in fitness and sports throughout my life. From softball and gymnastics to triathlons and bodybuilding, my youthful exposure was a natural evolution to my discovery of CrossFit. My professional credits include CrossFit Level 1 certified, CPR/AID/First Aid certified, Body Training Systems Group Power Instructor and ACE (American Counsel of Exercise Certified personal Trainer). In addition, I have attended CrossFit Specialty Seminars: Mobility, Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics & Rowing.

My love of coaching comes from personally witnessing the change it can make in an individual’s life. It is amazing to see that 1 hour a day can improve not only one’s physical ability, but also creates a better spouse, parent, friend & professional by developing self confidence.

As a member and “sidekick” to my husband Nick and CrossFit EXP owner Patrick at the studio for 5 years before my ACE certification, I am as familiar with CrossFit as one can be. What drew me to CrossFit was that every single workout shows a measurable progress and is programmed around functional movements, which are essential to everyone, of all ages, shapes and sizes.

My philosophy is to always have tangible goals. This could be a race, competition or just personal goals to hit specific PRs. With these goals, my workouts are always for a purpose which allows me to continue to push myself to new levels.

Some of my Recent CrossFit Achievements Include:
CrossFit North East Regionals 22nd in 2012, 13th in 2013
CrossFit Northeast Opens 18th in 2011, 36th in 2012, 31st in 2013
2nd Place CF Nashua Team Comp – (2013)
3rd Place CF Synergistics Team Comp – (2013)
3rd Place Europa Team Comp (2012)
1st Place CF Nashua Team Comp (2012)
7th Place Beast of the East


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