10 minute Taco Night

Nick and I get home late from closing up the gym 3 night a week so I am always looking for quick recipes that I can toss together without much prep.  Mexican is usually an easy “go to” for this, ground turkey is a life saver in my book!  Last week we whipped up these awesome Tacos in 10 minutes flat!


  • 1 package ground turkey
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 head of Boston bib lettuce
  • 1/2 bag of mixed greens (or spinach)
  • jar of fresh salsa
  • package of organic guacamole (check your ingredients to make sure there’s no added sugar!)
  • seasonings: paprika, chili powder, salt & pepper to taste
  • coconut oil
  • Dice up your onion and toss in a pan coated with coconut oil.
  • While your onions are cooking, shred your sweet potato, then toss in the pan.  Cook for 5 minutes with the onions.

tacos 3

  • While you are waiting for your sweet potato and onions to cook, cut the bottom off the head of lettuce and set the table with lettuce leaves, salsa and guacamole.
  •  Add the package of ground turkey & mixed greens to the pan and season with paprika, chili powder, salt & pepper to taste.  Cook for 5 minutes.

tacos 1

  • Serve right out the pan!  I enjoyed lining my lettuce leaf with a layer of guacamole, salsa, then the meat. Yum!

tacos 2

Now’s the time!

Cooking is one of those things that I absolutely LOVE doing!  From searching for new recipes to browsing the isles as Trader Joes, It lets the creative side of me out!  I find it very relaxing and its a double bonus that once prepared, I get to enjoy the meals I cook with my family.  One of Nick & I’s goals for 2014 is to learn and practice new skills.  We want to both have more to “offer” to others in all aspects of our lives; personal, family, business & friendships.  I have always thought about the idea of “blogging” to share my love of the kitchen, so now’s the time!
By far my FAVORITE breakfast to date! Poached eggs over tomatoes & avocado with steamed asparagus topped with paleo hollandaise sauce...OMG!

By far my FAVORITE breakfast to date! Poached eggs over tomatoes & avocado with steamed asparagus topped with paleo hollandaise sauce…OMG!

Poached Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce

It took me a few tries to master the poached egg.  Here are the secrets that I learned.

1) Bring about 2-4″ of water to a boil, then add 1 tsp of vinegar and lower temp to a simmer.

2) Crack your egg into a small dish so it can be gently poured without breaking

3) Create a “whirl pool” effect with your plastic spatula, then drop the egg into the center.  The egg will sink to the bottom then slowly start to rise as it cooks.  If the whites start to fall apart, gently push them back together with the spatula.  To cook more than 1 egg at a time, repeat this process in the pot.

4) If you like “runny” yolks, then cook 3-4 minutes.  For a cooked yolk, 6 minutes.

Paleo Hollandaise Sauce (courtesy of StupidEasyPaleo.com)


Directions for blender method (faster, fewer dishes):

  1. Gently melt the ghee in the microwave or on the stove top. It shouldn’t be boiling hot.
  2. Place the egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper in the blender or Vitamix.
  3. Start the blender on low and run for about 30 seconds. Now…SLOWLY drizzle the melted ghee into the blender through the hole in the the lid. You must go slow or the emulsion will separate and get soupy.
  4. Once all the ghee is added and the Hollandaise has thickened, you’re done. Scrape it out and use on eggs, roasted veggies, a juicy steak…whatever your heart desires.
  5. Will keep for a couple days in the fridge though it will harden when it cools. Very, very gently warm in the microwave if desired. If you nuke it, the egg yolk will cook.